Functional Food Research Group

Functional food research group has been set up to create research framework on food research with related to health beyond basic nutrition, and to strengthen the research with focused direction. This aim to do research on functional food that high impact on public, potential to be commercialized, and transfer technology to private sector by encouraging researcher who expert in each related field.


To produce functional food innovation from southern Thailand raw materials and from Thai folk wisdoms to raise the quality of life, especially for the elderly by integrative research.



decrease an import of functional food ingredients, increase value and price of Thai food raw materials for export. Social: increase quality of life, especially for the elderly and decrease expenses on health and social affairs.


increase quality of life, especially for the elderly and decrease expenses on health and social affairs.

Human resource:

encourage an integrative research team which has obviously target and create a synergistic happiness research’s society.

Natural resource and environment:

utilize raw materials to produce high nutritive values, value added products and economic compatible products or processes using a research process which follows safety and environmentally friendly procedure.

Examples of research topic and principal researcher:

Research topic Faculty of Agro-Industry
1. Long shelf life and high high fiber bread Prof. Dr. Pavinee Chinachote
2. Healthy canned Halal food with high anti-oxidant activity Dr. Sunisa Siripongvutikorn
3. Calcium fortified bioactive peptides and maillard products from sea fish Assist. Prof. Dr. Chakree Tongruang
4. Prebiotics and probiotics: manufacturing and health benefits in in vitro, animal and human trial Dr. Santad Wichienchote
5. High fiber and antioxidant GABA rice  Dr. Vatcharee Seechamnanturakit
6. Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer from Southern indigenous plants Dr. Chutha Sae-wong
7. Nutrigenomics for degenerative and non-chronic diseases of elderly Dr. Nuanpan Sirinupong
8. Controlled blood pressure and high anti-oxidant beverage Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chaweewan Jansakul
9. Healthy and beauty skin beverage Assist. Prof. Dr. Nisaudah Radenahmad
10. Novel dental carries preventive probiotic Prof. Dr. Rawee Teanpaisan

Natural resource and environment:


  • Set up pre/probiotic research group
  • Antioxidant in color rice
  • Protein from fish/plant


  • Create nutritional database of southern food
  • Study on bioactive compounds
  • Southern plant decrease various risk factors


  • New innovation for business (3 year)
  • Food management system for elderly people (5 year)
  • Human clinical trial, elderly food, safety study (10 year)

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